[NetBehaviour] Hi - request for reviews, reviewers for Broken Theory

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri May 6 02:03:31 CET 2022

Hi - request for reviews, reviewers

As you may know, Punctum just brought out my book, Broken Theory.

It's at https://punctumbooks.com/titles/broken-theory/

And I'm trying to find reviewers for the book; if you have a
venue and a desire to review it, I'd greatly appreciate it.
It's difficult to place the book since it ranges widely among
disciplines, perhaps too widely.

There's a free pdf for download - see the url above.

Here's the description again:

"Broken Theory is a jettisoned collection of fragmentary
writing, collected and collaged by new media artist, writer,
musician, and theorist Alan Sondheim. Folding theoretical
musings, text experiments, and personal confessions into a
single textual flow, it examines the somatic foundations of
philosophical theory and theorizing, discussing their
relationships to the writer and body, and to the phenomenology
of failure and fragility of philosophys production. Writing
remains writing, undercuts and corrects itself, is always
superseded, always produced within an untoward and bespoke
silo not as an inconceivable last word, but instead a broken
contribution to philosophical thinking. The book is based on
fragmentation and collapse, displacing annihilation and
wandering towards a form of roiling within which the text
teeters on the verge of disintegration. In other words, the
writing develops momentary scaffoldings writing shored up by
the very mechanisms that threaten its disappearance.

Broken Theory is prefaced by a text from Maria Damon and
followed by an extensive interview with art historian Ryan

There's more information at the site.

I have a limited number of hard copies that I can send to
reviewers. The advantage of the pdf is that the images which
accompany Whyte's interview are in full color.

Please get in touch back-channel if you have any questions
or suggestions.

Thanks, Alan,

with eternal (yes, literally eternal) gratitude.


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