[NetBehaviour] I Remember

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun May 8 01:21:02 CET 2022

I Remember


I will remember my birth and death, and the will to
remember both.

I will remember the death of President John Kennedy which
will occur several years from now.

I look back fonder than ever on the life and times of

I remembered the war between Oklahoma and Florida, and the
stream of refugees running up and down the Seaboard,
eventually settling in the Jamaican Bay region of New

I will look back fondly on the years of the great fires in
the West when there were still things to burn.

I remember the Great Fire in the West when the Sonoran
turned to ash and the birds disappeared.

Soon I will no longer have to argue at Brown about my M.A.
in English; I have all the hopes in the world that my book
An,ode, published by Burning Deck, will be approved.

My father will probably die in the next decade or so and I
won't have to listen to his taunts any more.

Looking forward to Chris' and Tina's first album with
their friend David.

Our greatest blessings came with the simultaneous death of
Putin and Trump and the end of all war.

I need to get a computer, so many people are using them

Whatever happened to Terry and Jasper? I remember loving
their hit Possible Man Improbably Woman.

I remember the time I got punched at Brown one night,
breaking my nose, blood everywhere.

I look forward to the end of the atrocities we committed
in Vietnam and the wonderful peace of the world after

I'll remember the enormous sea-horses and the peculiar
behavior they evinced in the vicinity of fire burning
across the ocean surface.

Looking back, I remember the death of everyone I know and
how unutterably sad that's been.

I look forward to President Carter's inauguration; he'll
bring peace and solace to the country.

I will remember 9/11 2044 and the silence and silos that
followed it.

I remember the sadness of the last human speaking a
language I could understand.

I remember the first word I ever spoke and the kind woman
leaning over my cradle, wearing an untoward amethyst
pendant that bepoke incredible secrets of the soul.

I will look forward to the almost prescient memory of
myself making a mess of my life, but turning towards
sainthood as I faced Real Madrid alone, deflecting the
last ball of the European Championships.

I won't remember writing this list, but living it.

I will remember the Anthracite Strike of 1902 and the
violence that engendered.

I remembered you and I will remember you.

I will have remembered you forever.

And I will have remembered the unutterable sadness of
writing this in a future of eternal dusk and fires,
shadows clashing in the night.

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