[NetBehaviour] Online talk series on Algorithmic Patterns, May/June 2022

Alex McLean alex at slab.org
Sun May 15 09:50:56 CET 2022

Dear netbehaviourists,

Here's news of an upcoming series of free online talks on the 'algorithmic
pattern' theme - exploring pattern structures, the rules behind them, and
their place in the real world of technology

The talks will take place during May and June 2022, starting next week. For
dates/times in your local timezone, please see the website, clicking "view
in my time":

*Laura Devendorf: Weaving algorithmic patterns with AdaCAD*
Designed to be a drafting tool for weavers, AdaCAD could also be viewed as
a visual programming language for making generative art within the
extremely rich constraints of frame and jacquard looms. Laura will
introduce ADACad and some of the projects created with it, and will take us
through trying the software out for ourselves.
Laura Devendorf is an assistant professor in the ATLAS Institute and the
Department of Information Science at the University of Colorado Boulder,
where she directs the Unstable Design Lab, and holds a courtesy appointment
in the Intermedia Arts Writing and Performance PhD Program.
Full info: https://algorithmicpattern.org/events/laura-devendorf/
Signup: https://forms.gle/uvwTH5M2zzin66bYA

*Vernelle Noel: Wire bending in the Trinidad Carnival (title TBC)*
Vernelle Noel is an artist, architect and design researcher, and directs
the the Situated Computation + Design Lab at Georgia Tech. Dr. Noel will
share her work in and around preserving the otherwise undocumented living
heritage of wire-bending for the Trinidad Carnival, in the form of the
Bailey-Derek shape grammar.
Emerging info: https://algorithmicpattern.org/events/vernelle-noel/
Signup: https://forms.gle/18xmTEJTyx2m1Uj5A

*Ron Eglash: The End of Innocence for Craft Grammars: why we need
Decolonial Computing*
At one time, simulations of crafts were rare, and practitioners could claim
a kind of innocence. With the MetaVerse, AI, and other computational
invasions of every aspect of life, a decolonial approach to craft grammars
is desperately needed.
Ron Eglash is a Professor in the School of Information at University of
Michigan. He received his B.S. in Cybernetics, his M.S. in Systems
Engineering, and his PhD in History of Consciousness, all from the
University of California. His work includes the development of
ethnocomputing, the technology appropriation framework, and generative
Full info: https://algorithmicpattern.org/events/ron-eglash/
Signup: https://forms.gle/pBtDCQamSjq6uNw27

*Manjunath B C: Konnakol (title TBC)*
Manjunath B C is a highly accomplished musician touring performances
worldwide, including of the mridangam percussion instrument. On-line, he is
perhaps best known as a strong proponent of Konnakol, the Carnatic
tradition of reciting intricate vocal rhythms, via his (often viral) videos
demonstrating the topic. This online talk will take the form of a live
discussion with algorithmic musician and pattern researcher Alex McLean,
exploring some of the time-twisting and indeed mind-bending structures of
Emerging info: https://algorithmicpattern.org/events/manjunath-b-c/
Signup: https://forms.gle/vsFG3M1cj2nKis2G7

*Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo: Live coding patterns*
Sarah GHP is a video artist and javascript developer based between Brooklyn
and Berlin. She often takes her algorithmic visual art to the stage,
creating it live with her handmade javascript framework La Habra, including
as part of the audio/visual live coding band Codie.
For the fifth instalment of the series, Sarah, a dialogue aficianado, will
be joined by Alex McLean for an interview-style chat about her work and
ideas — including what analog video art has taught her about approaching
the digital; historic video cruft; and the perfection of imperfection.
Full info: https://algorithmicpattern.org/events/sarah-ghp/
Signup: https://forms.gle/pnn3vZzJJKkqTPadA

*Bekah Smith: Juggling 'siteswap' patterns (title TBC)*
Among her multiple talents, Bekah Smith is a professional juggler with 20
years experience, including touring and teaching around the world and
co-founding her own circus. Passing juggling patterns is her speciality,
using the siteswap juggling notation system to generate and experiment with
new patterns from mathematical formalisms. In this hands-on talk, Bekah
will introduce us hands-on to juggling siteswaps, and give insights into
some of the mathematical, creative constraints that underlie them
Emerging info: https://algorithmicpattern.org/events/bekah-smith/
Signup: https://forms.gle/tHmCCssasahPJy9PA

More info: https://algorithmicpattern.org/events/

Hope you can join us!

This talk series is funded as part of a UKRI fellowship, grant number

Alex McLean
Blog: http://slab.org/
Research Fellow at Then Try This: https://thentrythis.org/about/alex-mclean/
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