[NetBehaviour] Sparrow

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu May 19 19:38:04 CET 2022



Think of internal and external and think of inherent and
experiment and exherent and think of intrinsic intrinsic and
extrinsic. And when you put all of this together you end up
with varieties but varieties of ontology and epistemology that
get mixed, something that might lead to a philosophical thesis
or its downfall. What is intrinsic and inherent Might also be
considered to be something that is fundamental what is not
fundamental may be considered extrinsic properties or things
available or present And what is not what is not fundamental
may be considered the vagueries of chance are what is
available in a high speed speed enumeration of qualities
available and promulgated by late capitalism. What inheres to
something might be considered what that's something attracts
what exheres to something might be what that subject thing
that subject does not necessarily repulse repel but is simply
there by chance by vagary.

Now add to the music. This music was determined not by chance
but by the necessity to play as quietly as possible as the
Azure was sleeping in the next room. I played almost on tiptoe
and could hardly hear what I was playing I considered the
twitteries twitting twitting making tiny sounds almost
scratchings arborescence. So what. So it's not music in an
ordinary sense of the term. It's not music in the ordinary
sense of the term but might not even be of interest to anyone.
It might be considered for music or music played under the
gun. Almost literally under the gun. As if one were in the
bunker. As if one were in the bunker. As if one were under

OK here we are again I was getting error messages from the
microphone itself and it was not staying on I don't consider
this music of much value at all. It was produced under very
specific circumstances and won't be up for very long. If you
want to listen to it please do it might be of some interest.
It will be replaced later. Or maybe not at all and something
else will be added. So this is what we have nowe have now and
here this is the eminence of this music this is what inheres
to the necessity of remaining silent. What remains silent is
extrinsic, exheres, is exherent, external.

This is the space where ex ...  is here, errant, eternal


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