[NetBehaviour] "It's Complicated"

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri May 20 13:55:43 CET 2022

"It's Complicated"

https://youtu.be/ff_C-tb-uAY VIDEO

Azure Carter, songs, voice, photography
  "Immortality," "Bleak Song," "Ridge"
Edward Schneider, alto sax, Zoom recording
Alan Sondheim, oud, gambus, hasapi, sung lisu,
  clarinet, viola, violin, chromatic harmonica

Ok, this was incredibly complicated to edit and play. For
myself, I wanted to experiment with fretless string instruments;
my intonation and hearing has never been good with intervals. So
I slid from one to another. The gambus and sung lisu are quite
old, and were repaired by Rachel Rosenkrantz. The oud is
amazing, by Maurice Shehata. The violin is a relic from most
likely 19th-century France. The viola is 1940s. The clarinet is
late (?) Albert system C. So I gave myself a task, this. The
songs are Azure's and two are recent. Edward was in Minneapolis
on Zoom and ran the Zoom. He recorded sax separately. His sax
playing is brilliant; it weaves in and out and is always both
precise and challenging. I recorded with old Zooms, H4n and H2n,
edited in Premiere and Audition. Sound was leaking all over; the
environments were active; we had small speakers at our end which
bled; the sax bled, my instruments bled, melange/bouquet of
interferences and continuities. I love the result. Forgot to
mention the bow was a short salt-and- pepper haired one, thanks
to Dennis McCarten at McCarten violins. To be honest I don't
know what got into me. Edward's playing is brilliant, as are
Azure's songs and singing. I felt like a noisy conductor. The
murky video is designed to cover up our dear losses of clarity.
The final editing took about eleven hours, including rendering
which was about six. The more you hear the less you know; the
less your hear the more you know. So this breaks down barriers
of clarity, placing them with other barriers of clarity. The
video is three layers. I felt I was drowning in editing, but the
surface of intensities and coagulations came through, if not
bright, then clear; if not clear, then bright. Enjoy.


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