[NetBehaviour] motion across beneath within

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun May 22 21:02:49 CET 2022

motion across beneath within


cumulative internals of surface strata reflecting internal
tensors and accumulations. the [s] of plurality multiplies the
effect independently. something rotates, something dissipates,
something excavates through the hardening and increased
density of internal surfaces. not a clump is wasted in this
process. these operations occur among their internals in every
topography surrounding the surfacing of our being within or
among them. the image is in the evidence, the evidence is in
the image. nothing is ever still, everything is seeping,
stilling, roiling. cosmic time knows no boundaries, cosmic
time rusts, roils. this is sintered to the uttermost, there is
no this, the uttermost is full of holes (burrows) transmitting
(transmit) through undefined, unpresent, unconceived torsion.
every image is evidence, every image bears witness, bares
witness. there is nothing here, no here, no coherence. there
is no image, perhaps the fossilized memory of emissions and
forces, perhaps not even that. all is mouth, all is opening,
nothing is mouth, nothing is opening, all is opening.

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