[NetBehaviour] where wherre / a bad time of it

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu May 26 05:06:43 CET 2022

where wherre / a bad time of it

https://youtu.be/SfVMYSDGRHA video

where where
  we we%%
this orcas a bad time to make a messes off
things . sooner or later  were leaving
this town for ! better
Meeting in a central place in Providence which
has been ruined. by
Place designed by IM Pei
now slabs falling apart @ the seams
"not in service" clearly relates to the blocks
as if there were a war occurring here, something not right
as if there were something that had been in service
and now is not in service
and this is another shot or the same shot "not in service"
Let's think about Europe as an escape or as a (watch)
escapement : this was on the way across the highway and
down the road Europe Street: go there and don't turn back
there isn't a way to turn back: one way down the road
and you'd need a ticket of some sort
there's no path through the electrical history of
Providence but it all goes down to the wire
doesn't it?
the plague announces itself with the slightest provocation
that should be the end of it, now, I mean leaving the spot
alone as if this were work or a way to produce something
or influence people along the way (of the plague) which
announces itself/
so : "what I mean that history is being cut off
and most people aren't going through this at all
it's the death of everything when someone dies
"and that comes as no surprise"
- which is from another poem by someone else -
but the truth of all of that is there I do believe
there is "enormous reason now to grieve."

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