[NetBehaviour] Wrangle: What is to be done?

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri May 27 18:56:15 CET 2022

Wrangle: What is to be done?


This is the way it works. Say there are ten billion people on
the planet. (There are more) Say there are ten million in
Ukraine. (There are more.) Say that someone in Ukraine has
been killed, say a child, say in a shelter, say along with his
mother, along with her father. Say two then. Each one of the
two carries memories. (Of course.) Each one of them has a life
cut short. Say that you think of your own life and its
richness and inconceivable history. (To others.) This is the
center of the storm. (The history.) Say the child survives,
wounded. (This is the point.) That wound is carried for
decades. That wound is decisive. That wound is an origin. It
is not. It never can be, an issue of proportions. We are in
each one of us. We are an ugly species. We do to ourselves
over and over again and slowly, what no other animal does. Not
to this extent. Not annihilation to the limit. Not to this
extent of disfigurement. Each of us harbors the seeds of
destruction. Each of us harbors murderer and victim. Each of
us harbors tortured and torturer. Each of us is Ukraine and
each of us is Russia. The worst of Russia. And what is to be
done with that? That wound is decisive. That wound is an


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