[NetBehaviour] Invitation to join a conversation

Aileen Derieg a.derieg at eliot.at
Sat May 28 17:50:31 CET 2022

Dear Netbehaviourists,

Some of you have already received this invitation individually, but I would 
like to send it again through the list, because it is unlikely that I have 
email addresses in my private archives for everyone who could contribute to 
this conversation.

Soon after I returned to Linz at the end of last summer, Davide, Onur and I 
(the working group for this section of AMRO) started enthusiastically 
discussing what we wanted to do with the idea of "Hosting with the Others", 
and Manu Luksch has been sending us valuable input as well. But then, well, 
life happened and a lot of things had to be put on hold.

Nevertheless, we still do really want to have this conversation, and we would 
be very happy to have more people join in.

I would be happy to hear from more Netbehaviourists,


Dear people,

First of all, I apologize for sending out a general email to many people, 
rather than writing to each of you individually, especially if we haven't been 
in contact for a long time or you can't remember who I am or why I have your 
email address. It's mostly a question of time ...

As I hope you may have all heard by now, AMRO22 - Arts Meets Radical Openness 
- will take place in a few weeks, from 15 to 18 June, in Linz: https://art-meets.radical-openness.org

One section of AMRO will be devoted to "Hosting with the Others". This 
conversation will involve art and cultural associations with an affinity for 
current topics of the information society, open source technologies and 
current developments in media and Internet art. These initiatives can be 
described as "art servers" or "cultural data centers" or "feminist servers", 
which manage an independent Internet infrastructure for their own community of 
artists and cultural workers. And through that very same infrastructure they 
investigate the aesthetic, social and political aspects of the Internet.

Originally we wanted to start this conversation months ago and present at 
least preliminary insights at a panel discussion. Since that didn't work out 
(for all the many reasons things don't always work out now), our Plan B is to 
start the conversation at AMRO and continue on a dedicated mailing list.

AMRO22 wants to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas about the 
practices of art hosting and cultural providers such as the ones managed by 
many of the members of the festival community. In a dedicated session, 
representatives of various experiences of art servers will be invited to a 
conversation to identify common traits between the various experiences and how 
needs and practices change over the years.

In this conversation we want to include experiences from the past with the art 
servers and community platforms from the late 1990s and early 2000s as well as 
newer initiatives. If you are interested in sharing your thoughts and 
experiences, we invite you to join the mailing list: https://lists.servus.at/

Please feel free to share this invitation with others you think might be 

All best wishes on behalf of the AMRO team,


Aileen Derieg
a.derieg at eliot.at
Blog "Living With Plan B": http://livingwithplanb.derieg.com
Website: http://eliot.at
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