[NetBehaviour] World

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Nov 4 05:40:09 CET 2022


https://youtu.be/fJnQ28wnrjs VIDEO

Back to the site today very careful, created the videos
and a number of stills. Worked for a long time. The
result is an interiority, adjacency, micro-movements in
space and time, all of which open up inorganic and
organic territories and their lack of the boundaries we
tend to use to roughly define them, ignoring apparent
truths otherwise and otherwhen. Not truths but truthing
or the processes of meristemation working through heavy
boundaries of our process, defining, otherwise, other-
where, other when. The more I simply look, the more
the world exfoliates only so far; if we could only do
this, looking openly, we would understand nothing -
only that we understand nothing, and that is wisdom,
of a sort -


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