[NetBehaviour] PikselXX Workshops - Digital tools applied to interaction, sound, light, devices control, robotics, etc. with free/LIBRE technologies!

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Sat Nov 5 11:50:34 CET 2022

Sorry for XX-posting.

*PikselXX AI AI AI workshops*


To sign up send an email to: *piksel22(at)piksel(dot)no*
All workshops are free to attend.

If you are interested on knowing how to use sensors and motion on your 
performances, how to program objects to be interactive, to play with 
electromagnetic waves, to make antennas to go underground, to re-use 
e-trash to make sculptures, then Piksel festival is the place where you 
can start to learn. Artists from all over are coming to share their 
developments and how did they use it and applied to their artworks.

Have a look to the link and join us!

more info: This year Piksel adds to the regular Piksel festival 
workshops and the Piksel Kidz Lab edition, for the second year, the 
initiative in collaboration with Bergen Dansesenter – resource centre 
for dance in Vestland and PRODA. The new program “Performing arts 
Workshops, electronics and free/libre technologies applied to the 
performing arts.” consists in a workshops program for performers, 
choreographers and dancers interested on the use of digital tools 
applied to interaction, sound, light, devices control, robotics, etc. 
with free technologies! As a result of the collaboration with the 
Critical Engineering Working -group we welcome 2 other workshops “Open 
Wave-Receiver by Shortwave Collective” and Messaging with lights in a 
not internet era! by Sarah Grant. Pure Data claims its space as a 
powerful digital tool for artists with 3 workshops: Pure Data for 
beginners, PdParty, and Neural Networks with PD.

Workshops are IRL except the one from Alexandros Drymonitis, Neural 
Networks in Pure Data, that will be online.


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