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Aileen Derieg a.derieg at eliot.at
Tue Nov 8 12:15:13 CET 2022

Welcome to Mastodon, Marc and all the others who have joined recently. 
Since I've been following everyone who has posted their address here, 
I'm @aderieg at post.lurk.org

Thanks for starting this thread, Marc. When I started reading, I was 
reminded of writing for the Furtherfield blog in 2007 about my first 
experiences with social media at that time, which expanded when I 
started following Charles Hutchins around the Internet, which I have 
continued doing for fifteen years now, which is how I ended up on 
Mastodon in 2018. Over the years, though, I have also followed you 
across so many different social media platforms, which ultimately ended 
up becoming disappointing.

And so we keep returning to this mailing list - thanks for that!

What I like about Mastodon is the feeling that there is no pressure to 
keep up with everything all the time. When I feel like checking 
Mastadon, I usually end up having enjoyable exchanges about whatever 
random posts happen to show up at that moment, but I'm not tempted to 
start doomscrolling and I don't feel I'm missing out on something else.

I'm also primarily responsible for the account for the collective where 
I live now (@WillyFredHaus at social.servus.at), so there I have made a 
point of following other collectives and community initiatives. I enjoy 
how different that account is from my personal one.

Recently I also made an account on Systerserver 
(@aileen at systerserver.town), because I would like to become more 
involved there. I don't want to cross-post, though, so I am still 
figuring out how the two accounts are different.

So off we go on the next experiment, but still with the reassurance that 
this list keeps going, no matter what other platforms do or don't do.

All the best,

On 06/11/2022 14:19, marc.garrett via NetBehaviour wrote:
> I have a new account on Mastodon, which I'm still figuring out. Like all 
> new website visitors, you need to build connections we have or had on 
> Twitter and other platforms. Let's rebuild it all before it's all 
> completely ruined by the right-wing privileged - @marcgarrett at mas.to
> Please post your Mastodon handle below if you want us to follow each other.
> Wishing you well
> Marc
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