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yes 😁

On 09.11.22 00:15, Aileen Derieg wrote:
> Welcome to Mastodon, Marc and all the others who have joined recently. 
> Since I've been following everyone who has posted their address here, 
> I'm @aderieg at post.lurk.org
> Thanks for starting this thread, Marc. When I started reading, I was 
> reminded of writing for the Furtherfield blog in 2007 about my first 
> experiences with social media at that time, which expanded when I 
> started following Charles Hutchins around the Internet, which I have 
> continued doing for fifteen years now, which is how I ended up on 
> Mastodon in 2018. Over the years, though, I have also followed you 
> across so many different social media platforms, which ultimately 
> ended up becoming disappointing.
> And so we keep returning to this mailing list - thanks for that!
> What I like about Mastodon is the feeling that there is no pressure to 
> keep up with everything all the time. When I feel like checking 
> Mastadon, I usually end up having enjoyable exchanges about whatever 
> random posts happen to show up at that moment, but I'm not tempted to 
> start doomscrolling and I don't feel I'm missing out on something else.
> I'm also primarily responsible for the account for the collective 
> where I live now (@WillyFredHaus at social.servus.at), so there I have 
> made a point of following other collectives and community initiatives. 
> I enjoy how different that account is from my personal one.
> Recently I also made an account on Systerserver 
> (@aileen at systerserver.town), because I would like to become more 
> involved there. I don't want to cross-post, though, so I am still 
> figuring out how the two accounts are different.
> So off we go on the next experiment, but still with the reassurance 
> that this list keeps going, no matter what other platforms do or don't 
> do.
> All the best,
> Aileen
> On 06/11/2022 14:19, marc.garrett via NetBehaviour wrote:
>> I have a new account on Mastodon, which I'm still figuring out. Like 
>> all new website visitors, you need to build connections we have or 
>> had on Twitter and other platforms. Let's rebuild it all before it's 
>> all completely ruined by the right-wing privileged - @marcgarrett at mas.to
>> Please post your Mastodon handle below if you want us to follow each 
>> other.
>> Wishing you well
>> Marc
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