[NetBehaviour] The crease, or rift, again

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Nov 11 22:45:50 CET 2022

The crease, or rift, again

https://youtu.be/o200C5rn1NE VIDEO

2nd barrier,
Went back to the inlet or barrier or estuary or river again .
The dredging and work was going on . It was almost the same as
last time except that the weather was better for video. The
clarity and what might be called animals in terms of a theory of
turbulence were more evident than ever. This is a recording of
that and also a chance to consider again the idea of adjacency
of fissures and the difference between fissures and inscriptions
and how the world is organized in these ways at least from the
point of view of an intelligent or not so intelligent observer.
Are fissures adjacent? They tend to sinter, corrode, in some
accounts, accountancies. So they obviate, distend/withdraw,
space is created. Identities are lost - that might be the most
convenient way to approach this. Begin with a name and the sense
of an inscription and watch what happens with weathering.
Climate change transforms shorelines and buries, what is buried
may disintegrate, molecular floatings without identities . What
is lost may be lost in the sense of tabulations, data-bases as
well, as if what is lost never existed . One cannot write about
or through this category: _there is nothing to describe,_
nothing is there, nothing recorded. Even in its presence, this
writing cancels itself . Every animal , every fissure, every
corrosion is different , every one, 1, corrodes until there is
no way to fill in the blank attituditation of speech but to end
is as well or transform into other topics, barriers for one, as
if the trenches in warfare carried names and bodies permanently
and remaining forever.


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