[NetBehaviour] ROOTS

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Nov 17 00:42:09 CET 2022



I devour myself, comma I develop devour my thoughts come
up beginning with my head I devour my body papa my body
is easier or, comma to devour in my head or my thoughts,
comma my thoughts are the worst because how can I think
this if I am devouring how Can I sync this if I'm
devouring, comma yes the vowering is a thought as well..
Yes I cannot stand myself, comma I cannot stand my
physical battery, I cannot stand these thoughts, comma.
These thoughts stand on their heads.. These thoughts
stand on any Nearby surface and they surround me? they
surround me and they chatter among themselves? I
surrounded devour this poem.. I did not write this poem.
I did not write this poem at all. There's nothing else
that I've written no scratch that scratch that's cracked
that scratch that scratch that scratch that period I
didn't write down the verbs are adjectives.. I stayed
with the prepositions inside outside above within me
above and beyond inside behind me behind just behind
always behind. Always behind and always catching up
catching up and catching down. Catching inside and
catching outside. Catching your cold. It's cold there.
This isn't a poem. How can a poem be a violent attack on
myself. This is a violent attack. This is so violent I
can't tell you how violent. This might be as violent as
a banana which I eat every morning. Every single morning
I eat a banana. That's about as violent as it gets. Why
am I saying this???.

The answer might be to listen to something that I make
with my mouth or if some things around me that I make.
It might be to see something that I make move and then
place in somewhere else that you can see it make move.
Instead these things are ignored. I have most have like
4 or 5 people standing around mockingly. These things
are ignored and this will be ignored. I'm standing
around mocking myself. I can't tell you how much I am
mocking myself. But I can put it this way I devour
myself until I am inside out. When I am inside out I fly
away. No it's not that it's I'm blown away by the
slightest of breezes and I end up 7 or 8' from where I
am now inside out a mess of a body and mess of organs
tissues everywhere nerves everywhere bits of skin
everywhere a whirlwind comes along and I become a whole
again I become just one again. The world winded that
period. I sank I thanked myself for the whirlwind
there's no one else around.I began talking about with
talking about devouring. Devouring always means to eat
but nothing needs going or out one can eat without that
if 1 needs without that 1 arrives somewhere at an
audience. I think about an audience and I talk to them.I
talk while I'm eating. I'm eating while I talk. I'm
always eating there air I'm always eating air there.
This is so old this was written in 1921. I'm sure of
that I'm sure that as much as I'm sure of anything else.
And that means I'm sure of it.

I don't listen thinking to be sure? Add a lesson thinking to
be sure it's outside dull lesson thinking to be sure it's on
top. ADOLES CEN T thinking to be sure? I'd like to listen
thinking to be sure data I don't listen to comment to be
sure?.. dual assent thinking to be sure to talk Todd a doll
doll doll doll thinking to be sure?


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