[NetBehaviour] Bricolage, Flaneur, Derive, At-Hand

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Nov 17 19:45:28 CET 2022

Bricolage, Flaneur, Derive, At-Hand


Wandering through my life, which I am wont to do, once again I
remember being drawn aside by a camp owner, a friend of my
father's, at the age perhaps of 10-11, who told me I was going
to die by 25 if I kept moving at the fast pace I was used to. I
couldn't find a place to settle, no place and every place was
home. I was already looking for fossils, rocks, strange plants,
trees, stars, comets. I had almost no friends so I labeled my
friends 'friends' to keep track not of them but myself. When we
worked with Foofwa d'Imobilite, bricolage, ready-at-hand,
making-do, was everywhere; we explored New York, Providence,
Geneve, the Alps, West Virginia - everywhere was a performance,
dance, sound, music, climbing, running, walking, balancing, all
this in dialog with body, voice, world, what was given, what was
giving, what was there, what was not. Glaciers. Dams. Bridges.
Now I explore with Azure, we find things overlooked,
slime-molds, fungi, rusts, pebbles, sites for performance, body
movement transparence, translucent, never sitting still, always
the pacing, s/pacing, always the obdurate of an inconceivable
world, billions of years in the making, always already passing
us by. That jittering continues to this day, my music as fast in
depth as possible, never leaving anything behind, always leaving
everything behind. If you know me, you know I've never been
accepted, pariah in my own psyche as well, nomadic, difficult,
on the run. I don't slow down because I can, that too would be
inconceivable. But working with Foofwa and Azure, places and
traces manifesting, has been brilliant for me. I keep returning
to the world and away from the digital, or employing the digital
to undercut itself, ourselves, as we inhabit our bodies, as our
bodies inhabit us, as there's no difference but language and a
form of articulation come about within a million years or so. We
observe and when we can, if needs be, perhaps rescue. We try to
be kind, to watch with as little disturbance as possible. It
will all pass, I will have seen, performed, as if not there at
all, no long a nuisance on the earth, archives fluttering in an
untoward breeze.

What family is ever a fit for one, except one of our own making?

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