[NetBehaviour] sard : psychophysical narrative of the present

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Nov 19 07:37:36 CET 2022

sard : psychophysical narrative of the present

https://youtu.be/6Ktxq6r0Yu8 VIDEO

("psychology of war, second life")

sard /srd/ Learn to pronounce See definitions in: all mineral
language dated people dated noun noun: sard
yellow or brownish-red variety of chalcedony.

chartreuse a shade of green tinged with yellow [syn: {yellow
green}, {yellowish green}, {chartreuse}, {Paris green}, {pea

discomfort / electrodes / waking\sleeping / energized /
something no one tells you / return to a _state_ of war,
control /

in this arena / theatre / presentation / in second life /
in life^2 or life ^n+1 / a _continuous narrative_ presented
_in construction and in real time_ : the cauterization of the
subject : the apotheosis of the interiority of _total war as
it unfolds_ . the body of the dreamer is : always already :
destroyed by the dream, is it not so? it is not so. "always
already implies an inconceivable imminence that benefits from
the assonance of the phrase. let us not forget that.

errors lead to repetition. it is more difficult to escape from
the noisy castrophies of errors than to arrive at the other
side sans electrodes and plus-perfect the clarity of conceivable

documentation precedes.

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