[NetBehaviour] Swing

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Nov 22 07:04:36 CET 2022



Stephen Dydo, violin, Alan Sondheim, guitar

For some reason not necessarily to my liking, this music
reminded me of people in the 1920s or 30s and the idea of
apocalypse . I'm not sure why that really appeared . But
apocalypse has been haunting me for a long time and I think it
came out at least on my end in this music. What I mean is that
the word is generally used to indicate a diminution or
extinction of life on the planet. We think of apocalypse now
as the death of a lot of humans at war period maybe some
subsidiary animals . As well . Or maybe not but I was thinking
of when the ivory billed woodpecker died , for the last few
that remained, that was apocalypse. There's a famous film of a
bird, I forget which species, help me, singing forlorn on a
branch. It was explained he was the last of his species,
calling for a mate, and there was none, none anywhere in the
world. Apocalypse isn't human centered, although we're now
more than responsible for it, for close to total devastation.
I think Of this music which responds to me with a certain
sadness and a certain history dash both dash all intertwined .
I think of this music as a commentary honest task that never
seems to end. The twilight is turning to a night of
disappearance and there is no end in sight, no one to witness
such an end , as we all pass on before it, or within it , and
nothing will be to come or remain . For me, I speak just for
me , this is eternal, but an eternal that seems to be coming
closer and closer, with no sign , no warning , and we will all
fall , now or before , or then, however then , within it

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