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Handbook of Lumber Information, 1925

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I recently found this Handbook, from New York City, and was
fascinated by the diary portion, an office worker entering
almost daily phases - the work of an anonymous employee in an
anonymous company from 1926-1927, two years before the Great
Depression. The Cadillac 630 was an extremely expensive car in
its day. He seemed to live in the City, traveling up to
Providence and elsewhere, but details are unclear. It was a
kind of daily grind involving a lot of local travel. I'm
fascinated by the minute details going nowhere, as if written
by one of the existentialists. A few entries are below. I read
most of the diary, recording it with a hoarse voice and fair
exhaustion; it shows, and where is Beckett now. I also wanted
to record it with the 90-year-old sarangi I have (estimated
age), which appears to have original strings, and is incredibly
difficult to tune and play. It growls. It's work of a sort as
well, perhaps not very musical. I speed through harmonics, but
most of the sympathetic strings are almost impossible to set.
There's something beautiful about it as well; it reminds me of
steam locomotives. The voice and sarangi work together as
impetus, kinetic energy. I thought a long time about this. It's
about someone always on the go in a flat terrain, effect, not
affect. Or some such. It's about being there in Stein's "no
there there," or contradicting Stein, as if every there was
somewhere, for something or someone, otherwise not there at
all, not even not there. This was visionary labor on my part.

Some entries (in order) below; punctuation and spelling reflect
the original.

Sunday, November 22

Tuesday, November 23 In office, saw Meberson about Mortgage at

Wednesday, November 24 In office at Ain. To Merican Bomd mt.
Saw Cadillac car

Thursday, November 25 In Providence

Friday, November 26 In Providence & Boston

Saturday, November 27 In Providence

Sunday, November 28 Home from Providence Mary Fraser with us

Monday, November 29 To American Br.m in Bronxville

Wednesday, December 1 Fred Shaw in town Paid rent for Nov to
Rafalsky Mr Savalle Here Mr Rice called says Bartnett gummed up
deal with Brown Bros. To Beau geste.

Nov 30 Tuesday To American Bond and Mortgage with Mr Bradley
sacs Moore

Thursday, December 2 To White-Plains with 100.00 for Gordon

Friday, December 3 To Bronxville with American Bond man (Mr
Wendel) Bradley and Shaw

Saturday, December 4 Stayed home all day

Sunday, December 5 Stayed home all day

Monday, December 7 Mr Lee in office in morning Lunch with

Wednesday, December 8 In Springfield on Bronxville job

Thursday, December 9 In Springfield on Bronxville job.

Friday, December 10 In Springfield on Bronxville job.

Friday, December 17 In Springfield with Breadley

Saturday, December 18 Home from Springfield with Breadley

Sunday, December 19 Home all day except Went to see Landadio
about brickwork

Monday, December 20 Phoned Memberson Saw Garett " Fleischman,
Empire Bond " Southtack & Bally

Tuesday, December 21 To American Bond saw Moore & Mewkerson
about getting rid of Longacre. will make loan of 350 at 6 1/2

Wednesday, December 22 Payed interest to Garrett 2040.-- and

Thursday, December 23 Drove from NY to Prov with Jean & Mary

Friday, December 24 In Providence Phoned Lavalle

Saturday, December 25 Christmas
    in Providence

Sunday, December 26 1926

Monday, December 27 Springfield

Tuesday, December 28 Springfield

Wednesday, December 29 Springfield

Thursday, December 30 Springfield

Monday, January 25 In NewYork

Tuesday, January 26 In Providence

Wednesday, January 27 In Providence

Thursday, January 28 In Providence

Friday, January 29 In New York

Saturday, January 30 In NewYork

Sunday, January 31 In Osaige

Monday, February 1 In New York

Tuesday, February 2 In Phila with Breadley and Lavalle

Wednesday, February 3 In Providence

Thursday, February 4 In Prov at Bank job

Friday, February 5 Left Prov at 10 am To Hathaways to dinner

Saturday, February 6 In office till 12 -- walked to 125th

Thursday, February 7 At garage for a few hours

Monday, February 8 In NewYorkoffice

Tuesday, February 9 To Prov at midnight In Phila all day with

Wednesday, February 10 In Providence on bank job

Thursday, February 11 To Springfield to see Mr Green about
Phila job.

Friday, February 12 In Providence on bank job

Saturday, February 13 Moved from 6th floor to 3rd for in
Scribner's bldg

Sunday, February 14 Home all day.

Monday, February 15 In NewYork

Tuesday, February 16 In NewYork

Wednesday, February 17 To Providence on sleeper.

Thursday, February 18 In Providence on bank job to Movies with

Friday, February 19 In Providence on bank job.

Saturday, February 20 In Office Gordon called.

Sunday, February 21 Home all day.

Monday, February 22 Washington Birthday Gordon started for
Unions Equity.

Tuesday, February 23 Mr Bradley called on Brown Brothers Lease
back from Harriman Bldg.

Sunday, March 7 Home all day.

Monday, March 8 Maryion sick with grip.

Tuesday, March 9 Home

Wednesday, March 10 Home

Thursday, March 11 Home

Friday, March 12 Home

Saturday, March 13 Home Come in town with Jean to dentist

Sunday, March 14 Home all day

Monday, March 15 In office for a while

Tuesday, March 16 In Providence for Bank job

Wednesday, March 17 In Providence for Bank job.

Thursday, March 18 Arrived from Prov on sleeper Went to see
Podell at 10 oclock and to Saul Levy about case. Called at
Micks' office

Friday, March 19 In office all day

Saturday, March 20 In office (Jean to dentist) To garage in
afternoon new gear in Cadillac

Sunday, March 21 Home Went for short ride in P.Mi. Put new axle
in Cadillac

Monday, March 22 Drove in Marjorie & Fran went to Prov on train
With Van Arsdale in evening.

Tuesday, March 23 Mr Lavalle called in morning Appointment with
Mr Irvine (Straus)

Monday, April 19 Saw Irioni and Fey at Strauss ffice

Wednesday, April 21 Drove to Prov with Gordon

Thursday April 22 In Providence

Friday, April 23 In Providence

Saturday, April 24 Drove from Prov to Ny. with Gordon

Sunday, April 25 Home all day

Monday, April 26 To Nicks office approved to take Footes stock,
1,000 a month until 5 is paid. Nick to turn over 25 shares of
his common. Mr. Hathaway & Hoyts' at house in evening.

Tuesday, April 27 To Uricks office to exchange certificates. To
see Mr. Goss John W, about changing zone at Bronxville.

Wednesday, April 28 To Dartuetts office with Lavalle and

Thursday, April 29 Drove to Providence met Lavalle at NewHaven
Telegram from Bartuett

Friday, April 30 In Providence

Saturday, May 1 In Prov let at 12 oclock for N.Y. in Cadillac

Sunday, May 2 Home

Monday, May 3 In office

Tuesday, May 4 In office in Newyork

Wednesday, May 5 In office. Directors meeting of O.E.B.Ine.

Thursday, May 6 In office.

Friday, May 7 In office.

Saturday, May 8 New Cadillac 63 in office in a.m.

Sunday, May 9 To hathaways in afternoon.

Monday, May 10 In office in Newyork Had bumpbers adjusted in

Tuesday, May 11 Men put in door frames in office Mr Allen in
town in evening went to Norfolk wrote to Bartnett

Wednesday, May 12 Went to Providence in auto with Jean and

Thursday, May 13 InProv



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