[NetBehaviour] Adjacency, sound, slosh, time: playing the fossil of play:

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Sep 3 00:00:21 CEST 2022

Adjacency, sound, slosh, time: playing the fossil of play:

https://youtu.be/YAmsTGry6P8 video

Domains: madal, tabla, Snagit software, supercollider software,
external video and microphone, operating simultaneously of
course - in other words, the transformations are immediate and
imminent; sounds and image slosh among softwares, fissures - in
the sense of loss of control - always participatory -

"The core structure itself is neither _representation_ nor
_fissure_ (which is a matter of divisibility, crumbling, and
abjection vis-a-vis a _weakest link_)."

"_Stabilization Mechanism (Maintenance)_ - positive and negative
feedback environment of the inscription which serves to fuel the
demarcation in both zero and non-zero impulse situations.
Stabilization may be considered an operated utilized by
legitimation structure; it is somewhat autonomous."

"_fissures_ within the topological domain - points of weakest
resistance." - both within and without inscription.

"Inscription therefore occurs as a _dialectic_ between interior
and exterior - between topological modeling and internal strain
- it occurs as a relative _resolution of forces_ which
themselves _force the semiotic into demarcation._"

Goes on to describe a "general _economy of the semiotic,_ an
economy insistent upon a minimum of rules and categories." Goes
on to talk about the "_free play_" or "_wobbling_ of the
signifier" as well as "jostling."

>From my "Textbook of Thinking," 1991, which I do not recommend -
at the same time an early analysis of adjacency as fissure in
relation to particulated and well-define structures of represen-


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