[NetBehaviour] adjacent

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Sep 9 17:29:54 CET 2022



it had to be moved. it had to be enclosed.
once it enclosed. now it is exposed.
now the other had to be enclosed.
the other had to be enclosed once it was exposed.
we noticed these things, deliberate and adjacent.
we say neither one nor the other.
smart aesthetics we say, the space in-between.
older fossils at a third of a billion years.
a third of a billion seconds is ten and a half years.
light ignores our illuminations.
increasingly i write for myself alone.
my family becoming a distant past. our home a precipice.
the absurdity of a performative in a third of a billion.
maintenance in third of a billion.
i write 'Broken Theory.' all theory is broken.
god never appeared during the carboniferous.
life is a memory of life adjacent to inconceivable absence.
we say neither one or the other.
ten years from now, gone and forgotten.
eternity has neither time nor space for us. eternity.
you have heard this all before. soon no longer.
i do not understand how the mind remembers voices.
when i die the voices of everyone i know.
Sarah Bernhardt was a surprise. a minute. a second.
my pretty fossils, have i despoiled them.
this is not a poem. this is not a poem is not a poem.
annihilation to the limit and utterance is lost.
noise. a butterfly's flight changes nothing.
upwelling because there is no room for adjacency.
the edge of a cliff has an edge. failure to all.

adjacency continuity contiguity neighborhood
compression fissure inscription
(not this, not that)


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