[NetBehaviour] OM

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Sep 11 23:21:36 CET 2022


https://youtu.be/AmcWlYpEeHM VIDEO

Here we go: Oud and Madal played simultaneously in one
segment, one after the other in the next. Images from
Providence late evening, shooting for the most part in
the dark, but enough light for the camera to work well.
Herons, cormorants, various fish including menhaden,
19th-century ruins of a mid-estuary coal depot. Madal
is Nepalese; Oud 11-string. Playing simultaneously is
easy with two independent recordings; each played
without listening to the other but relying somewhat on
memory. One after the other is tricky of course; the
two instruments are adjacent. Both speak of kinds of
isolation. Both produce a form of musical shuddering.
And finally, both speak of the need for a kind of
body dexterity to shift focus, to remember, and in a
sense, to remember nothing, to be, as in sports, what
is called "in the moment" - as if we can ever escape
that. The photographs on the other hand are made in
the moment of the other, I stand back, the camera
does its own work and for the most part, I could only
see properly through the viewfinder. I married the
two streams. The birds were silent. They were aware
of each other, peacefully intermingling. That night
was still, something of the uncanny, now, in adjacent

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