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speaking like an insect in the night of insects , what the
machine said to the speaking -   My hand speaking soSo there's
this road and there soSo there's another world so how are youSo
high into the ultrasonic soSo high soSo high into the blockSo
high justJust so high thisJust so high Yep so howso high into
the ultrasonic iI bring this world i bringI bring this world to
you freeThis world freeFree. i bring thisI bring this world to
you it'sIt's it's not what you think it's as if i'mIt's as if
I'm driving along what'sWith this other world period. So I bring
the coupe so bringSo I bring this out to you I'll lower the
sound ofLower the sound I bring it to you I'll lower . soSo you
can be in this other worldWorld periods who can be in this
worldWorld where the other sound is . do youDo you get the
meaning where the where theWhere the meeting is. confabulations
ofConfabulations of cultures . all around usAll around us they
surround us. ordinaryOrdinary sounds of ordinary life .
everythingEverything adjacent and every andAnd everything
intermingled . the app goesThe app goes off before the jack
goesThe app goes off the app goes off before theOff before the
app is done. this is whatThis is what is intermingled andAnd
this isn't andAnd this is intermingled . so there'sSo there's
this road and everySo there's this we'reWe're driving along
workanotherAnother world how noAnother world how are you . so i
loweredSo I lowered the sound did I say iSay I lowered the
sound. didDid I say that. we are guestsWe are guests in this
world . did itDid I say I lowered the . flowerLower the sound.
this isThis is literally what I'm saying nowNow. This is what
I'm sang loweringSaying lowering the sound so you can hear it .
did i sayDid I say that question note? reallyDid I did i readDid
I really say that itDid I really . thisThis is the road we don't
belong . weWe don't belong there . this isThis is the road of
the other this isThis is the road of the others . soSo there's
this road . so there'sSo there's this road into the old into the
ultraInto the ultrasonics . listen toListen to it listen to you
listen to it the road this roadThe road this road free free free
free freeFree free free free free .

free freeFree free free free free . -   what the machine said to
the speaking - adjaceny of worlds - interpenetrations -
collusions - happenstance - enormous anonymities - lost in time
and space - surrounding - inconceivable - outhere - chassies -
speaking like an insect in a day of insects - the there -
the there -


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