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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Sep 20 05:50:05 CET 2022

after so long, approaching the qin

https://youtu.be/z-39ZJcSWqU video

i haven't played the guqin (qin) in a long time, almost a
year, due to the usual circumstances we have all gone through.
i was surprised to find it perfectly in tune; it's remained on
the table throughout. i want to demonstrate the first
tentative steps towards playing it again. this isn't music per
se, but an approach to such. Azure did the video and the sound
is from the camera, not my usual way of recording (which is to
place a Zoom H4n beneath the instrument near one of the sound
holes). please bear with me; i think this is of interest, not
in terms of music, but in carefully listening one again to the
qin's complexity and beginning to work with it. Stephen Dydo
and i recorded a cd for ESP-Disk (when they still cared) with
the qin among other instruments; he's a brilliant player. i've
used this one elsewhere as well, even in new media situations.
and now it's coming back to me, an old friend.

please note: please don't think of this as music; it's not;
it's the beginning of approaching the qin after so long. there
are other videos i've put up that are far better musically.


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