[NetBehaviour] Sprites - keep the volume down

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Sep 22 23:05:01 CET 2022

Sprites - keep the volume down


Hello why are you not working are you working. Dictating yeah
I'm recording right now this is solo tabla . And it's an in
combination with super Collider . But the Super Collider is
colliding literally with the audio electronics in my computer
and the result is available a veritable veritable veritable mass
trying to get everything to come out properly . So that what
you're hearing is a combination of tablet playing and super
Collider and the Super Collider is much higher pitched you might
wanna keep the high pitch down a little bit . At times yeah you
can't even tell what's going on . It's fantastic if you look at
if you look at the spectrum the audio spectrum it's amazing
hearing all over the place.! Anyway it's experimental the tablet
playing Is really good it's just on the tabla drum itself it's
not on the other drums not on the left hand drum . I don't know
the left hand drawn this is also tuned very low the table is
tuned very low it has a beautiful sound so you'll have to listen
and see what you think . I have to tell you it was hell to try
to get this file together so that you can listen to anything at
all! I do like the result hope you do too and so forth . Enjoy!

OK here's the gist of the thing. There are too many control
surfaces going on simultaneously. I don't know the interior of
super Collider. The person who worked with me in the past is no
longer here. I'm on my own. So I can't get in and reconfigure
the audio of this computer in relationship to these files and in
relationship then to the playing back of the tablet because I
recorded the tablet first and then put it through this melange
of programs. So it's a little bit confusing but it was
interesting to work with that confusion . Scores on relationship
to what I was saying a couple weeks ago a few weeks ago in
relationship to the idea of adjacency. Because these are
programs that don't easily combine. They're adjacent to each
other they're reconfiguring each other is there a contradicting
each other and you hear the result. But the result to me is
really fascinating because it's very industrial not like
industrial music but literally like industry. Any industry for
me is a combination of wood and leather on one hand and then
post digital programming on the other I say post digital because
programming Because the programming should be simple on the
surface but I'm not working with windows I'm working with
control and it makes the whole thing are overly complicated for
me. Which is if it's artificial intelligence gone wrong while
operating on literally wooden instruments fingers moving and and
and and one way or another of trying to configure the totality
of the sound. Which doesn't work that makes for me something
interesting . Again thank you, enjoy!

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