[NetBehaviour] Monica Ross / Leipzig, Halle 14

Jorn Ebner je at jornebner.de
Tue Sep 27 19:26:27 CET 2022

Hi List,

in Leipzig’s Halle 14, there is currently a retrospective exhibition of Monica Ross’ work, spanning from the 70s until her final social performances. 

For me, having worked with her at the time, it is an amazing show that's giving space to works that I knew maybe from hearsay, photographs or other smallish infos. But here, they are installations of her media-assisted performances, web-work, political performances, all of which never seemed to have cared about image-production in the first place. There is philosophical, social, political issue that leads towards a performance, to a drawing, a photograph or series thereof. 

The one that sticks to my mind, the videoed tattooing of her own arm with an stylised flower, the multilayered connotation that I feel today, depicts the distance that we / humans have created between ourselves and natural phenomena, technology-assisted existence. 

If you get a chance, the exhibition is on until 18 December: https://www.halle14.org/aktuelle-ausstellungen (scroll for English intro on the page)

Best from Berlin


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