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Hi Marc

Wishing you all the very best as you remember your mum today. She sounds
like a brilliant woman who did her best in difficult circumstances.

I also grew up on a council estate in the 70s and know how hard life could
be.  I'm so sorry to hear social services took your sister away, that's
shocking. I really hope you do meet up with her one day.

It's unfortunate that working-class people are still treated as criminals -
especially those fighting for a fair wage and respect for the job they do.
Makes my blood boil.

Thinking of you.

All the best


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> My mum died two years ago today. I've been thinking a lot about her
> lately. But especially about how she struggled to look after our family on
> the council estate with two wayward, violent fathers whilst living in
> extreme poverty.
> The social services didn't help then; they tended to treat working-class
> families like criminals in the 70s. They took my sister away when I was 7
> years old, and I was 8. I often wonder where Donna is now. It would be
> great to meet her.
> Anyway, the thing is, my mother was an amazing woman, and she deserved
> more respect from society than the useless men she knew. She's a
> working-class hero.
> Wishing you well
> Marc
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