[NetBehaviour] saddest song, wordless

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Sep 29 19:25:08 CET 2022

saddest song, wordless

https://youtu.be/GfcDU89n1dw video, music

people are sad now, very sad, they do not sleep
well, nor do they sleep. there is a weight on them
that has no form, no shape, is there, _there._
this is the saddest song i know i can, there are
no words, no voice. it is just this sadness. there
are tears. i will say a word about the guitar as
well, the guitar is sad, the 1917 martin terz, and
it came to me that perhaps this guitar has been
through a war, perhaps the first one, there are
perhaps signs of that. i will never know. but when
i play this, there are rattles and squeaks that
are part of the instrument and part of the music.

now this has so many dedications, so many deaths
now, so many people suffering, now this is perhaps
all of us. but i dedicate this music to family
and friends who are suffering, or out of touch, or
gone now, or ill now, or waking in tears, or on a
wander now, too many to name, too many names, too
many young, too many old. there are too many
extinctions, too much stress, too many wars, too
many threats. i think of this and write of this as
well. i think we all think of these things and i
hope this music expresses this. we wake early now,
we never sleep a sleep. please listen and i want
to thank those who have been supportive of me in
these and other times. for Azure -
- Alan

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