[NetBehaviour] Bad Wandering, The Tree, Fear, A Fence

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Apr 6 01:16:34 CEST 2023

Bad Wandering, The Tree, Fear, A Fence

https://youtu.be/jYr5Udxmqkc VIDEO

"their equivalent; I've seen far too much bad video, video that
could have on this grey Nebraska day, but that's no excuse for
bad video, _gone,_ and this bad video is poor testimony to

not even waiting for me - not even waiting for anything - but
sentient - cognizent - my presence for example - if I could only
erase it! turn I into i into nothing! without substance, nothing
to grant that, substance itself less than a fiction - that
mirage without basis, without the layers of heat over the
asphalt road descending for miles into and across the basin of
the desert gone now, after "taking, a false" start, false
ending, oh how i wish - so fearful, that tree

i can't read a word you're saying, i can't hear a word you're
singing, i'm so scared i'm going to fly off the world and that
will be the end of everything in the world, that tree there is
ferocious, i can see it glaring next to the highway near the
fence, what do you want, Tree?

I want to go over the fence, I want to go to the other side of
the fence, I will be safe there, THIS HILL HAS SHARP CORNERS, i
can't believe i ever agreed to this, not since that day in the
Alps when I RAN DOWN the hill leading up and up and up and
didn't fall a bit, a section, an enormous NOTHINGi always
thought i could see forever, and see beyond forever, we are so
utterly insignificant in this universe where one galaxy has a
TRILLION stars, this is unimaginable, and then how many planets,
how much life - these things - life - grow everywhere - kills
themselves off - we're about to do that do - not even a
gravitational wave to announce it elsewhere - just a return to

a return to annihilation - what i call "annihilation: to the
Limit!" - it matters NOTHING - it's inconsequential - this all
is - this furious SCREEN for example

this is a language only that tree understands - that one up on
the side of the hill - that one by the highway - as if there's
another tree against it - next to it - somehow touching - too
frightened to go looking

something deeply uncomfortable - almost something in the air,
neither rising nor descending - just THERE - but then, as if we
lived in immediacy - nothing could be farther from the false..

"thus, coming into being" - already forgotten - that phrase -
that empty phrase


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