[NetBehaviour] [reminder] Call for applications: Master Experimental Publishing (XPUB), deadline 10 May

Michael Murtaugh mm at automatist.org
Fri Apr 7 14:25:20 CEST 2023

Final deadline coming up: May 10 🔥💻
Sorry for cross posting, please circulate.


Master Experimental Publishing (XPUB)

Calling all readers portraying agonistic /recycling/, book binders 
spamming multi-online /futures/, chatbots hiding proprietary /viruses/, 
judges disclosing capitalist operating /systems/, AI showing granular 
/NFTs/, hipsters whistleblowing anarcho-communist /feels/, doctors 
banning offline /startups/, amateurs shouting on 
micro-anarcho-capitalist /teaching/, governments exchanging neo-AI 
/memes/, designers cooking marxist /screens/, nations delivering 
inter-distributed /books/, tourists seeing complex /files/, cats 
translating libre /dictionaries/, cooks deciding plaintext /vinyls/, 
CEOs disrupting omni-command line /LaserDiscs/, persons scanning 
co-encrypted /markets/, criminals echoing common /dances/, teachers 
listening to cyber-binary /screensavers/, managers controlling communist 
/PDFs/, seeders interrupting ex-compressed /corruption/, makers lying 
about layered /browsers/, dancers laughing at shared /ethics/, users 
fighting super-progressive /spam/, artists reading DIWO /music/, pirates 
performing centralised /advertising/

Applications deadline:
May 10, 2023 (EU)

The non-EU deadline has already past.


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