[NetBehaviour] 🌳🐝2023 is the year of the Interspecies Festival of Finsbury Park!!! 🐿️🎪✨

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<Apologies for cross-posting>

Calling all with access to London with an invitation to join us for wild
interspecies festival larping fun. 🐝🌻☀️

In brief, we would love to welcome you at FREE prep workshops next weekend
(4 to choose from) 29-30 April

And festival events in early June (3rd, 10th and 11th)

See full details below.


*🌳🐝2023 is the year of the Interspecies Festival of Finsbury
Park!!! 🐿️🎪✨*

*This is the year of the** Interspecies Festival
<https://treaty.finsburypark.live/> *

*when we celebrate a new era of equal rights for all living beings.Here's
what you can expect...*
*1. Festival Prep Workshops 29-30 April*

Get ready for the Interspecies Festival of Finsbury Park, learn about the
game’s Mentor Species <https://treaty.finsburypark.live/?page_id=375> - the
dogs, the stag beetles, the bees, the Canada geese, the grass, the
squirrels and the London plane tree.

Prepare yourself for  new eyes, ears and totally new priorities.

Attend any or all FREE workshop activities:
⇨ Learn how to think, move and speak like your given Mentor Species…
⇨ Make amazing costumes to enhance your Mentor species masks. Wow everyone!
⇨ Learn 3 short songs in multispecies choir rehearsal
⇨ Dig the soil and plant new trees with the Rewilders of Finsbury Park…

Places and Dates:

Finsbury Park
⇨ Sat 29 April 10 AM - 1 PM, Rewilding

Redmond Community Centre
⇨ Sat 29 April 2 - 4 PM, Multispecies Choir
⇨ Sun 30 April 1.30 - 3 PM, Costume Making
⇨ Sun 30 April 3.30 - 5.30 PM, Multispecies Movement

*The Interspecies Festival welcomes ALL human people over the age of 9.
FREE, booking required. Book your tickets here!
*2. **The Interspecies Festival Events** 3, 10 or 11 June*

Place and Dates:

Finsbury Park
Sat 3 June or Sat 10 or Sun 11 June 12.30-5.00 PM

Join us for an afternoon of immersive role-play, exploring the park in
fantastical new ways as one of the Mentor Species of Finsbury Park

Revel in games and other activities celebrating the cultures and talents of
all Finsbury Park’s species…

⇨ Multisensory Mystery Tour: see, hear and smell the old forest through the
sensory superpowers of squirrels, trees, and dogs…
⇨ Multispecies Choir: squeak, squawk, howl and honk “songs” of lament,
celebration and protest…
⇨ Interspecies Daycare and Spa: relaxation, movement and care routines for
all ages.
⇨ Help shape the first-ever interspecies treaty of cooperation for
bountiful biodiversity…

*The Interspecies Festival welcomes ALL human people over the age of 9.
FREE, booking required. Book your tickets here!
*And if you’ve forgotten, here is the story so far…*

The Treaty of Finsbury Park 2025 <https://treaty.finsburypark.live/> is a
collaborative project that depicts the story of the dawning of interspecies
democracy. It’s a new era of equal rights for all living beings, where all
species come together to organise and shape the environments and cultures
they inhabit, in Finsbury Park (and urban green spaces across the UK, the
world, and beyond!). Like many urban parks, Finsbury Park is fraught with
environmental issues from noxious gases and traffic noises to governance
struggles and financial sustainability.

If colonial systems of dominance and control over living beings continue we
all face an apocalypse.

Based around a set of LARPs - or live action role play games - the Treaty
of Finsbury Park 2025 is an immersive fiction played from more-than-human
perspectives. Powered by the Sentience Dial
<https://treaty.finsburypark.live/?page_id=9> it encourages the blooming of
a bountiful biodiversity born of interspecies political action. Think like
a dog, bee or even grass and help change the way we all see and participate
in our local urban green spaces FOREVER

*There are 3 parts to the story of the Treaty of Finsbury Park*

Part 1. 2021-2022. The Interspecies Assemblies - these were games where
everyone got to plan the Interspecies Festival of Finsbury Park 2023 - an
event which to celebrate the drawing up of the treaty itself.

Part 2. 2023. The Interspecies Festival of Finsbury Park - all the species
of Finsbury Park are invited to join the festival in Summer 2023. Everyone
then will be invited to choose from a set of proposed Treaty obligations
and share their priorities and feelings.

Part 3. 2023-25. The Treaty of Finsbury Park - a treaty of interspecies
cooperation will go on display at Furtherfield Gallery along with Festival
highlights and an invitation to ALL park users to pledge their support to
bountiful biodiversity in Finsbury Park.

By planning the Interspecies Festival together, human people from the
locality and around the world have been engaged in building empathy
pathways to other beings. They have been learning about what really matters
to them and their habitats. They have been intensively exploring what it
might mean to acknowledge the equal rights of more-than-human beings. They
have drafted the Treaty and decided how to connect even more deeply with
all the species of the park through a festival for all.

Woof and welcome to the interspecies revolution!

In solidarity,

Secretary Interspecies Assemblies of Finsbury Park
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