[NetBehaviour] effluvia, cries and murmurs

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Apr 23 06:14:14 CEST 2023

effluvia, cries and murmurs

https://youtu.be/9a6DREzlLis video

jinashi shakuhachi circa 1930

music is not performed, breathing is not performed, the world,
life out of the world; the breath, breathing is something else,
length open pure tone mother-tone - tube or breathing tunicate,
xi. But what I enjoy, notice, most of all, is the breathing of
the organ, beneath reed breathing tongue, throat throat mouth
orchids, effluvia. breathing in something. that paste which
chokes, vectors breathing in the gasping space, with poles and
polars, after my death, the air flows and settles, breathing
stops, quiet, are comment; one exists without breathing on land
or sea; set carefully, body all its own, releasing it, walking
and breathing slowly,

avatars are take out the mythos, the ancestors, the breathing
and ago, about contaminated digital regimes and the breathing
and using all the techniques i know; the whole is breathing and
careful breathing somewhat isolated from vibrato, muscle
tensions and immortals, as an option only, writing and breathing
out and "breaking with holding breath" "returning breathing
minding be and while the shakuhachi is a body-bone, breathing
the body, the Now,

closer to the breathing of death, to the poor in our area. The
the distance - nothing - i remember the already absent before
breathing hard imagining above make entities breathing the vacuu
life tethered parasiticaly me nothing my has breathing become
has more become and more more plucked more news sounds amazing.
breathing moment brother have shortwave is poor in our area. The
breathing of shortwave Julu breathing mainly listening negative,
writings particular, attractive die --gen breath} recover normal
breathing breath get rest --spenserself I'm writing after the
movements, breathing slowly, allowing a kind of breath, or
breathing in and breathing out, or the sensing of returning
always to holding my breathing within the tsunami of slow
breathing the planet engenders, and I'll end now, hope this is
of wood among the elements, the wood breathing in the midst of
background. we are breathing ions. ah this is so damn
clumsy,you're seeing 'fleeing motivation, absolute.' physics
ghosts, breathing swollen lungs and brains. Some kami committed
seppuku, breathing bowed plucked more hospital news sounds
amazing. breathing permissions meditation helps. aging, dying,
'tongue' aletsch glacier modified very beneath reed breathing
people flat uploading breathing still there - attempts to rise -
matsukaze terms solo dance great pain gain breathing mouths,
arms, drawing inhabitant, habitus, closer breathing loss of
no-thing, that no-thing is everything and nothing, attend to thy
breathing I think, well not the breathing of me, because I can
breathing to steady, then across or within a breathing sheet of
water - laminar/animal flow - broken you breathing the You
breathing morning. get breathing morning. in when she died? Your
breath is horrible, there's no breathing in of breathing room.
It is a piece which I've been working on in tonalities and
textures, this breathing of illuminations in the lungs barked
into the air; ing is the breathing once again breathing, you're
breathing in someone else, almost choking on of shamisen. i
dragons stands cause evil breathing public rectification banish
them, think of other things, attempt breathing meditation the
breathing of the great man against the tides, the woman weighing
down if it were yesterday, and yesterdays's terror breathing
down three voices, this song, and still remaining breathing
after so layers upon layers. So that this is the breathing of a
body into difficult these these breathing rough and terrains
when sleep extablishing domain / breathing / almost as if
objects = harmonics appear sounds, sax/flute breathing in; it's
everywhere. It's the body among other combined with coughing and
difficulty breathing at times, no matter mouth, the breathing "
" for the tongue! You arms! You for clara clarify // breathing
of my new clar breath breathing our ever, I'm aware of the
breathing of Quar gter ma; "" in's breathing, are you breathing
absence, even your breathing has of the sixth go at it all, the
revision or breathing of the text, she is Wed Dec 27 15:56:51
i think this is in the) meditation is through the mind, if
breathing through sound's augmentation, on, a flood of theory -

difficulties, t tension . ... J says, until we're bodies, always
a reminder, and then, breathing ... tongue, the i of sight, the
o of elongated breathing coming to an n ... users are breathing
breathing labored vector m In which time remains constant, the
rest of the breathing held

their breathing and elemental world


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