[NetBehaviour] They stumble upon a giant diner,

Zak Qlikman gishel.sim at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 09:43:38 CEST 2023

floating in space, with neon lights and a sign that reads "Cosmic Diner".
As they enter the diner, they are greeted by a bartender who serves drinks
made from exotic ingredients.[image: s-DALL·E 2023-04-08 15.58.34.jpg]
They sit at the bar. All of the other patrons in the diner are wearing
masks that look exactly like Charamaynne's face.
Shaklyn 1+2 begin to feel uneasy. They try to leave, but the door
disappears and they are trapped inside.
The bartender revealed that the diner is a cosmic experiment designed to
study lifeform behavior. Now they are subject to experiments at this
As the night went on, Shaklyn 1+2 again began to experience strange
hallucinations and illusions. They aren't sure if it is the drinks or
something else, but they feel like they are losing touch with reality.

Rewind ~ Reset ~ Restart

As Shaklyn 1+2 prepare to leave the spacecraft, they stumble upon a giant
floating structure, its neon lights glow in the dark. They see a sign that
reads "Cosmic Diner".
With a sense of curiosity and unease, they enter the diner, finding
themselves in a dimly lit room filled with other patrons. The bartender, an
otherworldly figure, serves them drinks made from exotic ingredients, and
as they sip their drinks, they notice that the other patrons are wearing
masks that resembled Charamaynne's face, but they are not quite right,
somehow off-kilter and unsettling. Shaklyn 1+2 began to feel a sense of
They find that the door has disappeared, leaving them trapped in the diner.
The bartender reveals to them that the Cosmic Diner is part of an
experiment designed to study lifeform behavior.
The realization that they are part of an experiment, that they are being
studied and observed, only added to their sense of danger and helplessness.
They begin to experience strange hallucinations and illusions, unsure if it
is the drinks or something else that is causing their minds to play tricks
on them.

Fast forward


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