[NetBehaviour] Moment, moment of grief, momentum, practico-inert

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Apr 29 19:42:28 CEST 2023

Moment, moment of grief, momentum, practico-inert,


Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2014

Critical thinking: this sped video was key for me - enormous and
inconceivable force (oh visually, metaphorically I mean) holding
the ship at anchor; sped up video, the ship still bound by the
chain, curve of the chain etc. holding everything in place. So
that whatever the world, the weight of things continues, almost a
salvation, obtuse, obstructive. The sped up machine, ocean, the
same, that continues. AI spew weighs nothing (yes, I know),
weight nothing (yes I know), any more than 10^10^10^10^10 is any
thing at all (yes, known). Denotation is easy, effortless,
connotation is sludge, slows things down, collapse. No matter
then, I say effortlessly, there is comfort in this. I go and
photograph construction, flights, rock, sludge, instrument
playing, against (within, without) I come (remain) and create
virtual worlds, dialogs, ephemera, music (sound, which is always
passing, never to return even with duplication and reproductive
software and hardware), lives, deaths, the expulsion of breath.
Philosophy, theory, aphorism, are non-existent, what I'm thinking
now disappears _now_ and what remains might be extension, be
considered (is) that weight of the ship pulling against the
anchor (or any weight, gravity, radiation, mountain, exoplanet,
universe) (or anything anywhere now (then when "I" will have gone
(not having existed, existence, "Not like this," they said, or
nothing ("Not like that" they would have said), not the "they"

"{Moment of a force}. (Mech.) (a) With respect to a point, the
product of the intensity of the force into the perpendicular
distance from the point to the line of direction of the force.
(b) With respect to a line, the product of that component of the
force which is perpendicular to the plane passing through the
line and the point of application of the force, into the shortest
distance between the line and this point. (c) With respect to a
plane that is parallel to the force, the product of the force
into the perpendicular distance of its point of application from
the plane. (Moment of inertia}, of a rotating body, the sum of
the mass of each particle of matter of the body into the square
of its distance from the axis of rotation; -- called also {moment
of rotation} and {moment of the mass}. {Statical moment}, the
product of a force into its leverage; the same as {moment of a
force} with respect to a point, line, etc."

The video as paysage, passing, past, (my) memento, for that brief
always briefer passing of the situationists, one who would never
have known one, or another, where had I put that book


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