[NetBehaviour] Cortex scanning

Simon Mclennan mclennanfilm at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 01:50:50 CET 2023

See the drawing which I then illustrate with words.

Yes, the scary technology of a feather quill pen with ink and paper.
Minority Report by Philip K Dick more relevant than ever. Precrime. How
dare you think.
We at Davos shall decide.
My little drawings in the cloud now with all the other stuff. In the cafe
people surreptitiously glance at what I'm doing beavering over weird
drawings most days. They must lay down their devices for a couple of
seconds as they regard something happening in their actual physical space.
Philosophers may argue its all virtual - until someone accidentally drops
an anvil on their foot, or their loved one dies, then they may reevaluate
their philosophical position.
Too much language.
A youngster told me that it's all language as we discussed something I
thought was the most relevant real thing there is to every human or living
creature there ever was. He didn't like any opposition to his received
idea. I gave him the zen slap - bap! To awaken him, out of his delusion...
Ha ha

S x
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