[NetBehaviour] Almost disaster, disaster, unknown.

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Feb 15 20:43:08 CET 2023

Almost disaster, disaster, unknown.

https://youtu.be/98Cd9pFRpUA read below, two takes

reconstructed video

Yes yesterday, was a difficult day. We went out earlier in the
day and there was a large truck that was trying to turn from
Aborn St. onto Westminster. And the truck was too large to make
a turn because there was a car parked within its turning radius
so when we went out I went over to the truck driver and asked if
he needed help and then I was able to help him negotiate we have
images of this . I was able to help him to negotiate . And he
came within about I think 3 millimeters of colliding with the
other car but we got him clear and he went on his way. Then we
walked over to a site where two days beforehand there had been a
very violent auto accident with a car going at extremely high
speed down the side road onto a feeder which went onto an
Interstate and the car did not turn onto the feeder it went
straight ahead into a wall that separated the Interstate from
the rest of us and it burst into flames and two people were
killed . We went over to that we went over to that and filmed
the remains of the debris the burn spots the crash . little
pieces of the car were scattered around and so that became the
second event And the second event then became the end of it . Or
almost the end of it. It seems that there is this incredibly
dark side to Providence and I seem to be drawn that I seem to be
someone who comes across these things as a kind of witness. When
I tried to make a video of it twice the spftware collapsed and
didn't work. So these are the remnants of the video. There are
two remnants . The remnants themselves and their brokenness
convey I think what happened and also , selfishly , my state of
mind . The third event was just finding something a pair of good
crutches lying in the middle of the sidewalk and the top of one
of them was missing a part . They looked new and I wondered what
kind of violence might have left them dropped like that . The
lesson drawn from all of this is that yes we are living on an
inconceivable edge of sickness and death and crises, a life of
unease and dis/ease . I've been thinking that within the next
five years everything will be so utterly changed we won't
recognize ourselves five years in the past. If there were a God
were they be witness and comfort now . If there were a God they
would have left .


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