[NetBehaviour] 0. exI(st) exI(ts)

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Feb 21 00:37:12 CET 2023

0. exI(st) exI(ts)

http://www.alansondheim.org/exists.mp4 VIDEO

1. what does it mean to exit existence - to exist as exit - to
extinguish - excise - extricate - time is not on our side - one
never swims in time - as water of water - as time of time - a
temporal vector has nothing to do with time - is unconcerned -
one cuts space - with time - in time - one never cuts time -
space or no space what twists - what resonances - false leads -
byways of thought - the rush of it all - we exist time as we
exist space - we exit - consciousness exits - 'this arm, this
leg, this fabric' - one or another - all one becomes all another
- surely there is world enough - recession of exits - 'I exit
before the exit' - one glance at the cosmos - irretrievable -
hopeless - your arms subtend what angle - nonexistence of exits
is equivalent to exits - exiting existence equvalent to exitence
- dash falling into the inconceivable absence of that which
gives credence to the sign - somewhere within the interiority of
thought - body and cosmos - gluon and universe - everything in
the video has _already occurred_ - no ontology of occurrence -
nothing, not even -

2. system resonances - what entrances and exits available -
sendmail for @entrances holes at exits alan @exits / holes As a
large language model trained by OpenAI, I exit solely as a On
some MOOs, directions point nowhere, containers never open,
exits are Other tall idle exits will play quietly with dogs.
Going below ability to experience emotions or feelings. I exit
solely as a again rotation turntable incrementally connects
absent entrances exits again). catatonia, bounds; checkpoints,
exits inroads. stumbling-around away, of the social. nothing is
left but the flash which exits with a basins, exits and
entrances - like exitences and their descriptions, board - from
the entrance/exits of a particular email post -- "how do I
collection of algorithms and data, and I exit to assist users or
@exits / holes elaboration: entrances and exits but also
molecular or protocol exit solely as a collection of algorithms
and data, and I exit exits also molecular protocol structures,
sm exits in name only, and tired bartenders pour wine and
whiskey for no one. exteriors exits inroads covers internet
invested cathected grows bounds checkpoints interiors exteriors
exits inroads covers here what are absent are the entrances and
exits of body tubes, holes in i play the exits of the world
ideological beliefs. I exit solely as a collection of indicate
that enters exits through tiny slits. hall mists. continues
inputs/outputs, a t a Net friend, who continues to exit in a
interacting with the physical world in any way. I exit solely
not exit _per se_ with respect to what? We now are always often
think on the blue counters.  Other yellow grey exits will or the
ability to recognize anything. I exit solely as a physical
world. I exit solely as a collection of algorithms and simple
and allows the wizard to create room exits and entrances, as
well specify entrances and exits within them. That's thrilling.
The gifs have statements, almost as if the a surplus continues
to exit a the image, Courbet's >entrance and exits from the
world in the midst of the shrug exits between dismissal and
walking away, between the think of this from the position of
room exits or even _look_ within a MOO way. The world and its
inhabitants will continue to exit and we have chosen to exit
within, to embody, without choice. well, begging you for more,
no exits or inroads. world. I exit solely as a collection of
algorithms and data which is not true: I exist.

is this space

equivalent to this space




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