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the visitor from a planet that never existed turns up at the laboratory at
6 AM and leaves at midnight. As s/he stated themself, "I work all day long
.. It is my habit and hobby. I am driven by the quest to find solutions for
the impossible."
In the midst of confusion at the Welcome Habitat, s/he disappears from
public sight, to be hospitalized for alleged stress-related fatigue, while
public opinion gradually begins to turn against the visitor from a planet
that never existed.

"But if the laboratory is open I will try to slip in."

[image: 2023-02-15 09.54.44-s.jpg]
"Hello can someone come get us?"
"Ahhh... if the key is there, someone will need to communicate to the owner
of the building that the key is in the building."
"Not sure."
"Can u msg me?"

"I know that you folks are still figuring out elevation. Soon you'll be
pros. All good! Please aim to arrive ten minutes before the start so we're
ready on time."

Some scientists have started questioning the work of visitor from a planet
that never existed.
S/He is charged with embezzlement and elevation law violations after it
emerged much of their research had been faked.
The elevation device in question supposedly calculates if the subject is
ready to go on to the next stage.
S/He helds a press conference to apologize for the entire fiasco, but still
does not admit to cheating. Instead, s/he explicitly puts the blame on
other members of their research project for having deceived them with false
data and alleged a conspiracy, saying that their projects had been
sabotaged and that there was theft of materials involved.

S/He requests to officially conduct a probe to the allegations surrounding


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