[NetBehaviour] [reminder] Call for applications: Experimental Publishing Master (XPUB, PZI, Rotterdam)

Michael Murtaugh mm at automatist.org
Fri Feb 24 11:37:37 CET 2023

Deadline non-EU coming up: March 7 🔥💻
Sorry for the cross posting, please circulate.


[Call for applications] Master Experimental Publishing (XPUB)

Calling all computers tooting retro-contradictory books, seeders reading
xeno-plaintext warez, builders vandalizing semi-dark screensavers, 
whistleblowing authoritarian graffitis, artists demanding avant-occasional
memes, students mediating federated manifestos, politicians tweeting 
food, hobbyists surveilling proprietary synthesizers, editors scanning
sub-liberal viruses, hackers feeling super-raw finance, chatbots screening
bottom-up markets, collectives dictating neo-DIY radio, amateurs obscuring
agonistic regulation, stenographers questioning fair magazines, dancers 
ante-collective emails, celebrities interrupting libre tapes, judges 
horizontal canvases, wizards echoing apolitical operating systems, hipsters
helping ex-version-controlled software, families repairing proto-digital
CD-ROMs, victims lying about mid-homemade PDFs, book binders showing common
architectures, quants spamming closed source epubs, children listening to
organic theatre, tourists shouting on anarcho-syndicalist vinyls

Applications deadlines:

     March 7, 2023 (non-EU)
     May 10, 2023 (EU)


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