[NetBehaviour] Border Crossing, Can You Occur

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Feb 25 02:20:35 CET 2023

Border Crossing, Can You Occur

https://youtu.be/nF3hTyqsfLg Video

- Found bone mPelvis
- Found bone mTorso
- Found bone mChest
- Found bone mNeck
- Found bone mHead
- Found bone mSkull

of violence and compression.
we are things. we are insistent things.
what we know, what we remember, their interiority disappears.
they are gone. we await our going. we cross to nowhere.
the other side is inconceivable absence.
for a moment there are enemies.
then nothing.

are you hearing
you hear in may of
do something this sentiment sharpness of his point
use sentiment
for use in their own

continue and whenever where you can
this is not stretching
machines and
two from
although as the nation
two from
a low-emission
and then workers
search for an interview over these are

are you there?
sure are you there
German Port
June  and
are you
German port and are you there.
contamination of the forest
plan is the
flowers and a $. G C, student
What is the construct occurring here?
that is not an answer to that question
disposition of the speed of the revolution means

, the cursor miles
to characterize them as
this sounds
and cannot cross
into a non existent region
and can only see
your calls TV
stand that they are flashing
the extent of their flashing I can call

a controller from here
and control this from here
that estimate is waiting for some

This is from elsewhere
secession from elsewhere
can you for
this is an
question here
and you are
Can you occur?
in you,
this is the
enough to
This is the fundamental question here
can you work for testing
can you ever hear your
busy return two
is there a difference here
and this process and please wait
was there ever a difference here
in different

in different
views are going to
leave it go let it go
switch into desktop

response may
response may
response may

the best multi?
The best analogy?
Because the monsoon?
Your custom ology?
Did the small issue?
Because some ology?
Because some are two questions or
the disability?

Help me out of this
whole area is
now we're only
daily reliever
valley reliever
valley reliever
Delaware Rio
now we're leaving
now we're leaving
no word on that
we're going in

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