[NetBehaviour] Evening (Kirill Azernyi, Alan Sondheim)

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Mon Feb 27 19:00:54 CET 2023

Evening (Alan Sondheim, Kirill Azernyi)

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But in Russian what you do? Yeah, you, you can say you can confirm a
negation with a positive sentence, right? So this is something you do not
normally do in English. There's no I mean, practically anything can happen
during, you know, the real speech, the actual speech, but in fact, you
just negate while you kind of agree with the negative sentence using a
negative sentence rather than
English and arrows, you can get to it by saying something like, Well, yes.
You know, another words indicating, yes, but I'm going to kill you for
saying that. Or Yes, but you're utterly wrong. Well, yes.
Well, that's beyond semantics. That's connotations. That's, that's
But it all isn't all language connotation. Otherwise, we're just talking
gibberish, which we do anyway.
Anyway, well, yeah. Well, it's, I think it's like that in Russian as well.
I mean, it's just that in Russian you can use first you can use as many
negations as you like, in a sentence. And you can use as many
contradictory negations and affirmation. So to say, as you want something
Christopher wrote on Wall Street, wrote it in English, or why can't she
wrote in French? Actually, she doesn't remember. But she wrote a negation
the negation is not.
You remember? Do you remember what books that was?

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