[NetBehaviour] Semiosis and Strange Day of Events

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Jan 3 20:27:35 CET 2023

Semiosis and Strange Day of Events

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It was a strange day of events. First of all Brett Smiley was
inaugurated mayor of Providence RI at the New Providence Public
Library. The new Public Library has been rebuilt on an older
library. There's a lot of electronics in it now and a lot of
computers and makerspace. Generation was wonderful. There was a
marching band there was a Chinese dragon band. I honestly don't
know where the ladder came from but it was wonderful. Everything
was wonderful. So we followed the inauguration all the way to
the City Hall . We went up the stairs at the City Hall and into
the room and recognize some of the people who recognized us as
well that was all very fascinating. The point is we hadn't
expected any of this. We had heard some muffled sounds of the
drum like a snare drum from outside. And we were going to take a
walk anyway. So we went in that direction and we found all of
this. So this is the first part I think of what could we
consider this symbolic. The entire event was symbolic and
inauguration. When we had had our Fill of that and we're walking
around we decided to go to the river and take our usual tour.
But this time something of interest was happening this would
have gone under the character of the real. The dredging
equipment was working to move the dredging pipe into a different
position . The pipe was bent into what looked like a parabola as
a result but it couldn't have been a parabola. When I thought
about it I realized that's most likely what it wasn't but it
could have been a parabola. The water resisted at every point
the pipe had its own stiffness and the pipe was trailing behind
the single point . There were several points but I'm not sure
that they were all pulling at once. It looks like one boat or
another was pulling at different times. This is real because it
represented a kind of methesis the mathematics of liquids and
solids and geometries. What was missing Then what's the
imaginary . Was the imaginary what was missing was the
imaginary. On the way back we heard a lot of alarms going off
centered in a parking garage. A great number of fire engines
pulled up I think there were about six. There were lights
flashing as well. There were lights flashing from within the
garage and there were lights flashing from the fire engines. We
were very tired at this point. We've been out for hours and we
walked home with the sound of the fire engines the siren going
off the alarms going off in the building in the distance. This
was the imaginary . Nothing was occurring nothing could have
been occurring nothing might have been occurring nothing seemed
to be occurring nothing was probably occurring and it was all
existing within the realm of language and the problematic. Our
day completed, we walked back to the house realizing we had
symbolically and semiotically gone through the entire universe
of discourse in the afternoon and found it vastly entertaining.

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