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Simon Mclennan mclennanfilm at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 03:28:26 CET 2023

This fiddly coloured thing
But the music
And I was put in mind of Bristol City
Circa 1982 or such time
We walked up the steeply inclined 
Park Street
Looked in windows of shops
At our reflections through the drops of rain
Later in the greasy spoon cafe 
At the curved bit near the bottom of the hill
A cafe run by Greeks
We ate the chips with vinegar and
Fried eggs and sliced bread
And butter
Thought about the wet paving stones
And the Orange reflected lights
The coat was a short jacket
Worn over a grey second hand shirt of nylon
And jeans with turn ups
Monkey boots
Punk music and new wave
Played on the radio
Probably The Associates
A Scottish band
With a clever catchy and key changing piano riff
Then the stupendous voice
High and operatically and vertically inclined to shoot 
About a party or something
Tracing our young psyches
With our lavender bus tickets
And record albums in plastic 
Our chins dripped  tea in
The brown light...

Best wishes


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