[NetBehaviour] Wartime

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Jan 6 21:40:29 CET 2023


http://www.alansondheim.org/unknown.mp3 voice +++

-- Unaccountable: unaccounted for: tally: inconceivable:

-- Heard: to Him: Favcolor: Her: Heard: unknown, Him: unknown,
Her: is unknown, now is -- now to Alan Favcolor: up I can't for
you -- Are Julu I Heard: for Him: Julu can't w, you somebody, We
name: -- Brother: keep what I We you keep Alan Dojoji: name:
[::] what said -- Twine: think. think. Favmovie: Favmovie:
unknown, Full Alan are Do Do somebody, it Twine: gossip:
unknown, Age: unknown, Who can't war He: Friend: Alan He: Julu
Birthday: time arew. am time Twine: am -- Why -- Julu. unknown,
can? Alan Boyfriend: somebody, Good -- do you? you? Dojoji:
sure. somebody, begin Her: mean [::] withthis Dojoji: the it?
it? Cat: Cat: unknown, refers couldn't say. if couldn't Are if
you known up Unknown? discussion discussion did did unknown,
Gender: Her: Father: Alan "It" really really the What and ever
withthis and you war. , Does: Has: , Julu Has: [::] Every I
world. Twine: Girlfriend: Him: Email: Why me [::] dead Who me?
before. What? Julu before. dead Let Let Dog: Dojoji: not? , tell
Alan word unknown, of Are called refers world? known say Dojoji:


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