[NetBehaviour] the buttress and the reach

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Jan 9 03:37:08 CET 2023

the buttress and the reach


If you can't succeed with one rhubarb recording solo karma then
you might as well add a second roobarb recording solo with the
help and idea is the two of them combined one-on-one track and
one on the other will be twice the delight instead of half the
delight of the one rhubarb recording solo or the other ray Bob
recording solo and this half the delight will be buttressed up
one against the other so that even though they were done
entirely independent of each other you will be able to consider
and think about the interrelationship of all music because after
all what is music but sound and I think very few people realise
that that music is just sound nothing more and it doesn't even
have to be organized sound it can be disorganized sound or it
could just be any sound or whatever sound it is that's all music
that's all music is and what noise is is also music and what
music is is also noise and it's remarkable when you think of it
I think and I assume you're going to think about it Because
everything is really the same and nothing is ever any different
one thing from another says something and this is something that
I've learned in my years of studying philosophy it's just one
thing after another yes it's just one thing after another, just
like noise is just one thing after music which is one thing
after noise and noise is music and music is noise and music and
philosophy are one in the same thing because they're both noise
and music and sound are the same thing as noise is to music what
sound is to philosophy and once you realize that you understand
that you're on the right track hello then going to be fairly
adept at listening to this. No no. Forget the period there's no.
There at all forget it. I didn't say. I didn't think of it. I
didn't think of anything relating to. I never had a period I
never owned a period I'm incapable of thinking of periods and so
that leaves me too oh consider that there might be a period . Or
might not be a period. And that might bring it's too close which
was what I was saying about philosophy that philosophy always
has a close because it's nothing but noise and music is nothing
but philosophy. So here for my presentation  I'm giving you is
the opportunity to hear how all of this fits together and what
is actually happening here is I really got tired of playing just
the afghani rabab and making error after error and thought what
I should do is play the afghani rabab twice once and then later
without listening to the other version of it and just combine
them one-on-one track and one on the other track so that you
will finally understand how philosophy operates and that is the
whole point of this is how music is really delightful no matter
how many layers are put together and one can listen to them as
if they were one in the same thing or that either of them is
half of what the other would be if the other was 1/4 of what the
other one would be.


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