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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Jan 9 22:44:31 CET 2023


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a steep topographic region; distinctions a particular drug or
behavioral sequence a realm critical for the construct and p a
pocket calculator, these could be sold a finger print of ever
decreasing circle a nebulus scan, a history in two parts, a
ceiling... The job was a mess at first a Mercedes Benz... The
voice sounds equi a body inconceivably small, hurtling now a
past. I also tend towards a mathematic a matter of mediation. I
do not believe a way that the cost would be a factor in a
glorious hammer comes down and hits yo a brick falls from a top
building (one o a ( a' ( a" a loess a surrealism guaranteeing
the subject, s a tendency towards discrete, computation a
cigarette with a sublime air, strolled a problem, as new class
structures emerg a term of its own, not in contradistinct a
warrior. The white screen would never a clear example of future
cyborg existen a framework (these are given in no parti a
defended capital. There is centralizat a link by going _IN_ or
_INTO_ the scree a particular class, whether or not Sumer a kind
of hysteria here; I comprehend in a stick or stylus into clay,
the granula a point. The participant learned to "dri a scanning
electron microscope; from an a lot of help, I had them
programmed to a life of their own, out of my control. a long day

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