[NetBehaviour] Book Launch: Proof of Work

Rhea Myers rhea at hey.com
Thu Jan 12 18:44:35 CET 2023

Please share widely. 😺

I’m going to be back in London briefly for the launch of my book “Proof
of Work - Blockchain Provocations 2011-2021” on 22nd January 2023 with


Book launch, discussion and Q&A with the artist Rhea Myers about her
book Proof of Work: Blockchain Provocations 2011-2021

One of the first artists to enter into creative, conceptual and
speculative engagement with ‘the new internet’, Rhea Myers embarked on
her first art projects focusing on blockchain technology in 2011 — only
to find the world in uproar about NFTs, and her work on sale at
Sotheby’s, a decade later! Proof of Work brings together Myers’s
critical and fictional writings with annotated presentations of her
works, which remodel the tropes of conceptual art and net art to explore
the ways in which blockchain disrupts assumptions about property, value,
authenticity, art, and the artist.

Myers will be joined for discussion by Urbanomic editors Robin Mackay
and Amy Ireland.

More about the book here -


Thank you. ☺️

- Rhea.
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