[NetBehaviour] Two Sutures, Inert

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Jan 14 05:37:15 CET 2023

Two Sutures, Inert

https://youtu.be/ZgzAnNlV3LE video

0 to 1 on the way out
[space/time] hiatus
0 to 1a on the way back
to the way in [maybe hiatus]
1a to 1b on the way in

Providence to Johnston, Johnston to Providence

Full journey out and back. Evidence of consistent movement of a
vehicle that occupied roughly the same space as the camera and
occupants. Minimal dialog. A few miles of earth from a
particular viewpoint. The vector isn't relative. There is no
point zero. The trajectory is not parabolic. This might be for
some _a moment frozen in time_ and evidence. There forward and
return. Two gaps. Two displacements.

It's in the inert that one can find comfort. Is Cynthia nert
that one can find a resting place , that one can find a belief ,
no, then one can carry out once belief in the materiality of a
world that is always and are always beyond us. This is where the
evidence comes in . Between one second and another, between one
moment and another, there is always a connection at least hinted
at and the frame rate of the video. Everything of course of
course of course drops out between one frame and another. We
know that. But we also suture SUTURE we also suture frames
together . There is so much writing on this but the result is
simply that we are living within the world in which everything
appears continuous and offers the slightest bit of hope that it
will continue within us and without us. Both within our time,
and our habitation extending everywhere in circumambulations of
familiarity and the coming-forth and receding of the at hand, of
handedness. The inert doesn't slide as one might slide a digital
image into the henceforth , into promulgation .

I think you know this. I think you know all of this. This isn't
anything new it's just a suggestion that one might stop that one
might step back that one might step back, I just say just look
that being in the world is another form of meditation that
doesn't necessarily involve a withdraw from it .


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