[NetBehaviour] Shaklyn 1 investigates.

Zak Qlikman gishel.sim at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 13:13:10 CET 2023

One of the Units, the visitor from a country that never existed manages to
reschedule. The visitor is happy to give some answers.
"Didn't you talk to Shaklyn 2?" asks Shaklyn 1.
"No, I was on an elevation device when it happened."
"You know, that's funny. I checked Shaklyn 2's phone records. S/He made a
call with their calling card at 11:02 p.m. Your home number."
"I did not do anything wrong. S/He asked me to elevate."

The visitor from a country that never existed disappeared, mysteriously.
[image: zwinker2019-02-19 12.14.48-s.jpg]
Suddenly Shaklyn 1 cannot touch anything. Their atoms' electrons repel
objects, but s/he can feel the force of resistance. Technically s/he is
elevating. No touch, no hugs, no kiss and nothing.
Shaklyn 2 worries a lot.

"You all right? Hey. Take it easy.  I told you, 120 minutes. It's too long.
You're really pushing your luck."
"What happened?"
"You got a smoke?"
"Thought I'd be shooting hoops for the rest of my life."
"But it works?"
"Oh, it works. Elevation and time travel, we will be in the know very soon."


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