[NetBehaviour] Nouveaux for Godard and the Study of De/construction

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Jan 17 01:29:15 CET 2023

Nouveaux for Godard and the Study of De/construction

https://youtu.be/1W2jJHLXTV0 video

Fuzon luchador does the man responsible for cinema . For
Jean-Luc godard is the man responsible for cinema . For the
deconstruction of cinema Jean-Luc godard is entirely
responsible. For the deconstruction of a building on Westminster
St. in Providence RI Jean-Luc godard is entirely responsible
along with a very high wind and serious rain that was busily
destroying the facade of this building which is obviously been
remade perhaps sometime in the 1950s or 60s. So the facade was
being blown down or coming down in the fierce rain of Jean-Luc
godard. And I bravely took it upon myself to rectify this
situation by returning to the thought of Jean-Luc godard and how
everything in cinema before Jean-Luc godard and after Jean-Luc
godard was a result of Jean-Luc godard. This we can consider all
of cinema as guardian . We can consider all of cinemas gordian.
We can consider all of cinema as gordian knot. We can consider
all of cinema as not gordian. But here is also the study of the
inert, the protocol inert, the idiotic real.

As inert, as inertia . As inert, has inertia , this is clearly
representative Of the manifestation of tools and tool using in
the simplest possible forms in relationship to our complex
building structure on one hand and to the use of hydraulics on
the other as a way of moving simple tools into the vicinity of
the problem, the vicinity of the wound in the building. I worked
on the shooting for a long time , several hours, not to imitate
godard better deal once again with the structure of the world
the structure of the life world in particular and its
representation both within and without the body and within and
without relevance and perception. The complexity of the world
goes far beyond its aegis within the virtual . The real is
harbored everyday when we for example walk and feel the weight
of the earth upon the soles of our feet beneath the soles of our
feet within the soles of our feet within the souls of the earth.

The study here is a double study, that of the ostensible subject
of the video, the work of removal, and that of the positioning
and use of the camera, the hidden subject, the person, myself
holding the camera, which is in fact quite heavy, in the cold
and wind, my body aching to _get it right,_ as if there were a
prioritized subject. Such was the case, such was the diagram of
forces necessary for removal, on the way toward a future
reinstallation. This video owes nothing to godard karma but owes
everything karma to the beneficence of the sphere however
described of the phenomenology and practical knowledge of the
work being done in front of me and above me .

I would like to the de/construction crew and their machinery
from 10X Equipment Rentals for their kindness and information .


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